Hand Painted Homes: An Artist's Pen & Watercolor Journey Across America

By Leisa Collins

Now going to print

This vibrant coffee table book is a captivating celebration of this country’s diverse architecture, giving the reader intimate insight into Leisa Collins’ mission to honor the beauty and history of American homes and buildings. 

Alarmed at the number of beautiful historic homes that are lost to decay or demolition every day in the United States, acclaimed architectural artist, Leisa Collins, embarked on a mission to tell the story of American architecture through her art . . . before it was too late. Combining her passion for architecture with her love of adventure, her travels took her to every corner of America and she created original paintings in all 50 states.

Now she is sharing her detailed watercolor paintings in this breathtaking coffee table book, Hand Painted Homes: An Artist's Pen & Watercolor Journey Across America, so others can appreciate the beauty and legacy of homes throughout the country.

Hand-Painted Homes exhibits over 650 paintingsin 30 different architectural styles. Collins weaves in stories about the history behind individual house designs, and how geography, industry, politics, economy, available resources and our melting pot culture shaped the face of architecture in America.

Number of pages : 280

Number of images: 650

Size of book: 9 x 12 inches